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Shirley Temple Films All DVDs are in the DVD collection by title.

The Blue Bird
A woodcutter's two children are led by a fairy through the past, present, and even the future to find the Bluebird of Happiness.

Captain January
Four year old Star has been happy living with Captain January in the lighthouse since he rescued her from a shipwreck. But when the town's new truant officer tries to take her away from the captain so she can have a "proper" home, her idyllic existence falls under a cloud.

Curly Top
Edward Morgan, rich trustee of an orphanage, meets and is entranced with little Elizabeth and her older sister Mary. He adopts them and they come to adore Edward. Mary falls in love with Edward, and he has the same feelings; Elizabeth plays matchmaker.

The Early Years
A collection of rare short films and a re-edited newsreel, taken from Shirley Temple's personal collection that chronicles some of her earliest appearances on film.

When her aunt tires of caring for her, orphan Heidi goes to live in the Alps with her gruff grandfather, who comes to adore her. Eventually placed with another family, Heidi fights to join her granddad again.

Just Around the Corner
A girl helps her Depression-poor father get a job after she befriends a cantankerous millionaire.

Little Miss Broadway
Betsy is an orphan adopted by a kind hotel manager who rents rooms out to down-on-their-luck entertainers. The owner of the hotel complains about the noise her showbiz tenants make and threatens to close the hotel and send Betsy back to the orphanage. This new edition is enhanced with a patented, state-of-the-art re-coloring and digital re-mastering process. You can choose either the colorized version or the re-mastered black and white version.

Young People
Believing that it is good for their daughter Wendy, Joe Ballantine and his wife Kit decide to retire their vaudeville act and move the family to a small New England town. But despite Wendy's many attempts to charm the locals, she and her family are given the cold shoulder. This is, until a hurricane hits the town, and because of their generosity, strength and conviction in the face of disaster, it appears that the troupers just might win over the residents in their new hometown after all.