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J 323.11 Hoo Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice
by Phillip Hoose 133 pgs. Gr 5-8
15 yr old Claudette refuses to give up her seat on a segregated bus leading up to Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. Lexile-1000

J 363. 3481 Mar Rescues
by Sandra Markle 88 pgs. Gr. 4-7
This inspiring book captures the nail biting action and bravery that helped to rescue people in trouble all over the world.

J 371.8 Mor Three cups of Tea
by Greg Mortenson 155 pgs Gr. 6-8
Young reader’s version of the best selling book about Greg Mortenson’s building of schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Lexile-910

J 569.9 Thi Lucy Long Ago: Uncovering the Mystery of Where We Came From
by Catherine Thimmesh 63 pgs. Gr. 5-10
In 1974 fragments of a 3.2 million-year-old figure was found. The author explains the significance of this find and how a paleo-artist reconstucted an image of this figure known as Lucy. Lexile- 1130

J 576.82 Woo Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure
by A.J. Wood & Clint Twist28 pgs. Gr. 4-8
The life and travels of Charles Darwin

J 599.527 Lou Whaling Season: A Year in the Life of an Artic Whale Scientist
by Peter Lourie 80 pgs Gr. 4-6

J599.7555 Mon Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: An Expedition Among Snow Leopards in Mongolia
74 pgs. Gr. 4-8 Lexile-840

J599.757 Bou Christian The Lion
by Anthony Bourke 120 pgs. Gr.3-6

J 636.1 And Brigadier, A Gentle Hero
by Judy Andrekson 88 pgs. Gr 5-8
Story of Brigadier a horse in the Toronto Police Dept who became one of the city’s most beloved police horses.

J636.7527 Gro Marley: A Dog Like No Other
by John Grogan 196 pgs. Gr. 5-8 Lexile-760

J741.5 Stu Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles into Comics
by James Sturm 109 pgs. Gr. 2-6

J 796 Ber And Nobody Got Hurt 2 the World’s Weirdest, Wackiest and Most Amazing True Sports Stories
by Len Berman 133 pgs. Gr.3-7 Lexile- 820

J 796.522 Sal Climbing Everest
by Audrey Salkeld 128 pgs. Gr. 4-6
Tales of triumph and tragedy on the world’s highest mountain.

J 910.452 Cer Shipwrecks: Exploring Sunken Cities beneath the Sea
by Mary Cerullo 64 pgs. Gr. 4-6

J 919.89092 Arm Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
by Jennifer Armstrong 134 pgs Gr. 6 and up
The extraordinary true story of Shackleton, his ship the Endurance and the amazing trials of his crew. Lexile-1090

J920 Fun Funny Business: Conversations with Writers of Comedy
by Leonard Marcus214 pgs. Gr. 6 and up
Childhood recollections and anecdotes from 13 well known humorists. Lexile-920

J 925 Sto Almost Astronauts
by Tanya Stone 133 pgs Gr 5-7
True story of the Mercury 13 women Lexile-980

J 932 Wei Pharaoh’s Boat
by David Weitzman 34 pgs. Gr. 3-6
Amazing book showing the discovery and reconstruction of a pharaoh’s funeral vessel. Lexile-1170

J940.4 Mur Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting
116 pgs. Gr.6-10
World War I soldiers put down their weapons and celebrated a truce on Christmas Day.Lexile-1160

J 973.3 Fre Washington at Valley Forge
by Russell Freedman 100 pgs. Gr. 4-8
The Continental army suffering from extreme shortages of food, clothing, and shelter emerged from its winter encampment to overcome the British. Lexile-1210

J 973.46 Stg The Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr
by Judith St. George 97 pgs. Gr. 5-9 Lexile-1040

J 973.752 Wal Secrets of a Civil War Submarine
by Sally Walker 112 pgs Gr 6-10
How the submarine The Hunley came to be on the ocean floor, how she came to leave it, and what happened next make up one of the most compelling stories in history. Lexile-1060

J 975.54251 Wal Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland
by Sally Walker 144 pgs. Gr. 6-9
Recent excavations have led to new understandings about the diet, health, lifestyle, social customs, and deaths of the colonists. Lexile-1140

J 977.31 Mur The Great Fire
by Jim Murphy 144 pgs. Gr.3- 7
The great Chicago fire of 1871 was one of the most colossal disasters in American history. Find out how Chicago was transformed from a flourishing city into a smoldering wasteland. Lexile-1130

J 978.03 Mar Years of Dust: The Story of the Dust Bowl
by Albert Marrin 128 pgs. Gr 5-9

JBio Frank Met Anne Frank: Her Life in Words and Pictures
by Menno & Ruud Metselaar 215 pgs. Gr 5 and up