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What are QR Codes? QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional codes that link to websites, text, documents, SMS addresses for text messaging, or video clips.  The codes can be read by mobile devices having both camera and web-browsing features and that have a code reader application downloaded.  There are many free applications that work with a device’s camera to scan codes. They can be found by searching “QR” in your device’s applications store.

What’s the point of QR codes?  For mobile device users, they are an easy way to download information they’d like to keep or view without having to type in a URL, etc.

QR Code Video Tutorial: Here’s a link to a 3-minute video showing how QR Codes and readers work.

QR Codes in the Library: You may find QR Codes in various areas of our collection. When scanned, these codes will lead you to further information or resources about a collection item or area.

Please ask at the Reference Desk if you have questions about the codes in our collection.