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Can be found in the following areas of the library:

EASY READERS See reverse for list


Oversize VISUAL GUIDES and CHARACTER ENCYCLOPEDIAS are grouped together in alcove near elevator. See Circulation desk for complete list

GRAPHIC NOVELS for teens in YA 741.5973

Star Wars movies may be found with Adult movies on the Lower Level.

Several animated versions are available in Juvenile Department.

Juvenile CD ROMs : Lego Star Wars &

Star Wars Math

Star Wars video games are on the Lower Level. Wii, PlayStation3, Xbox360

J Fiction Star Wars See Circulation desk for complete list

JA Arnold Darth Mauls Revenge

JB Beecroft Anakin in Action

JB Beecroft Beware the Dark Side

JB Beecroft Death Star Battles

JB Beecroft Epic Battles

JB Beecroft I Want to be a Jedi

JB Beecroft Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story

JB Beecroft A Queen’s Diary

JB Beecroft Pirates and Worse

JB Beecroft Ready, Set, Podrace!

JB Beecroft R2 – D2 & Friends

JB Beecroft Stand Aside – Bounty Hunters

JB Beecroft Watch Out for Jabba the Hut

JB Buller Star Pilot

JB Buller What is a Wookiee?

JB Burton Planets in Peril

JC Cerasini Anakin: Apprentice

JH Harper Feel the Force

JH Hibbert Clone Troopers in Action

JH Hibbert Tatooine Adventures

JH Hibbert Boba Fett: Jedi Hunter

JH Hibbert Jedi Heroes

JK Kent Ultimate Duels

JK Kent The Adventures of Hans Solo

JR Richards Don’t Wake the Zillo Beast

JS Saunders Join the Rebels

JS Saunders The Story of Darth Vader

JS Scott Jedi in Training

JS Scott Jedi Adventures

JS Scott Forces of Darkness

JS Scott Yoda in Action

JS Star Blast Off!

JW Windham Galactic Crisis!

JW Windham Journey Through Space