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The Lake Forest Library subscribes to digital editions of 90+ magazines through Zinio. For access you will need to create two accounts: a library account and a Zinio account. These accounts are different from your other library accounts. Choosing a magazine from the library's magazine page sends you to your Zinio account, so stay logged in to Zinio.

  1. First, go to Zinio and register. Make sure to stay logged in!
  2. Next, go to the library’s magazine page
  3. Choose “Create New Account” and follow the instructions to create an account using your library card number and email. (make sure you use the same email as your account)
  4. Choose a magazine, you will be sent to your Zinio account with the new magazine!
  5. Return Users: Use the library’s magazine page to choose more magazines! 


Zinio User Guide

Questions? Problems? Call us at 847.234.4610