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Market Square Fountain , Lake Forest, Illinois


Beautiful in any season, the community of Lake Forest, Illinois, is located 31 miles north of the City of Chicago on the west shore of Lake Michigan. It is recognized for its natural beauty, sensitivity to open space and preservation of its historic structures and landscapes. Vibrant business districts, including the historic and charming Market Square, welcome residents and visitors alike. Chartered in 1861, The City of Lake Forest is home to prestigious businesses and residential locations and offers many excellent schools and cultural opportunities. 
(Source:  The City of Lake Forest)
An on-line calendar for information on cultural and community events available in Lake Forest can be accessed on the web site hosted by the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce.
Links to local community organizations, schools and churches, and government can be found at the City of Lake Forest’s Community Information Page.

For Caucus information, check at the website for the Lake Forest Caucus.


The Lake Forest Library is a proud member of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Arts Link.