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image of "putting together the new adapted books in the Kasian Room of the Children's Library"

Introducing Adapted Books to the Accessibility Collection

We are pleased to offer Adapted Books as part of the Accessibility Collections. Adapted Books are picture books that have been modified to be more accessible to pre‑readers and individuals with special needs. As a result, readers can better engage with and communicate about the stories, making the...

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GoPro Hero9

Introducing the GoPro Hero9 Black

Attention adventurers and vloggers alike! We've upgraded our Take-out Tech collection to include GoPro - HERO9 Black 5K and 20 MP Streaming Action Cameras.  Browse the online catalog to borrow a GoPro Hero9 and other equipment including DSLR cameras, Roku Streaming Sticks, digital conversion...

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where business meets science

Where Business Meets Science

Science, technology, and business are intricately linked. Some universities offer degrees in both business and science. Business keeps up with new scientific developments to relay into improved products and solutions. Read on below for nine nonfiction books that report on connections between entrepreneurship in America and how scientific and technological developments become products.

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when to put a book down

When to put a book down

There is a certain joy in the freedom to quit a book. In stopping, you realize that your literary journey and reading intake are entirely in your control. You, yourself, are in charge of the media you consume. Regardless, sometimes one may feel as if a book should be finished once started. Read on below for five excuses to give yourself to stop reading a title when you cannot force your own interest in it.

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image of "kids with their mom getting their first library card"

Cards for Kids

We hope a new Lake Forest Library card makes you happy, whether you smile on the outside like Bisma and Izzi or on the inside like Zoya. They grace the cover of this quarter’s newsletter and highlight one of the most momentous things you can do for the young children in your care: get them their own...

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walking blog image

Walking Heel-to-Toe & One Step at a Time in 15 Books!

Walking is good for your body and your mind. You may not be surprised to hear that walking is something that most people do every day, and they don’t realize they’re doing it! Life is a journey of walking. It is also one of the many ways we can easily insert ourselves back into nature. Read on for 15 books from the Lake Forest Library to inspire you to go walking or hiking.

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Hearing from You: Great Books Discussion Group Book Donation image

Putting the “Great” in the Great Books Discussion Group

Why should you consider joining the Great Books Discussion Group? “Anyone can pick up classical literature and read it, but truly understanding and absorbing it is another challenge altogether. Great Books facilitates that process. For me, the readings are commonly secondary to the discussions. O...

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golf ball and hole and blog name

Seven books to a Better Game of Golf

In 2019, the United States had the most golf courses per capita than any other country in the world. Benefits to playing include reduced stress and anxiety, fresh air, physical fitness, and socialization. Golf playing boomed during the pandemic. Read on below for seven books about how to up your golf game, learn a few new tricks, get a handle on the basic mechanics, speak, and move like a golfer.

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2022 Bookmark Design Contest Winners Announced! image

2022 Bookmark Design Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the 2022 Bookmark Design Contest! Everyone's artwork was a wonderful example of "Reading Beyond the Beaten Path," this year's Summer Reading theme. Congratulations to the winners in each age group! Winners Anabella Lockhart, Sophia Booma, Addy Col...

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Highland Park Strong

Highland Park Strong

Our hearts and thoughts are with our friends and neighbors in Highland Park who suffered the tragic mass shooting on July 4, 2022. We condemn hatred and violence and wish everyone comfort during this difficult time.  Lake Forest Librarians compiled local resources to support our communities....

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Accessibility Collections image

Introducing the Youth and Adult Accessibility Collections

Items in the new Accessibility Collections for Youth and Adults are now available to borrow. The goal of the Accessibility Collections is to support Library users of all ages, abilities, and diverse learning and development needs to be successful in the Library and the community. The collection...

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