Video Conversion

"Video Conversion "

by Karen Beck

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I've tried to capture the lives of my children in video and pictures and now that the kids are older, they want to see it. One of my sons said, "Mom, you really need to convert these videos because these tapes weren't intended to last more than fifty years." So when I learned of the Media Lab, I said okay, I need to devote some of my time and it's been really great to see and relive these memories of my children.

I love the creativity while feeling that I am growing and learning something new. I like finding out what the latest things are to make my videos better. I love making the most out of the footage I have and reducing it down so that it tells a great story by using transitions so that it feels seamless. It's been really exciting because part of the process is not only sharing the memories and reliving the memories but also learning as you get older.

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