New Year, New You and New Productivity Apps

Are you looking to become more creative, focused, productive or organized in 2019? Now is the perfect time to automate and prioritize items on your to-do list using the latest productivity apps.


Focus Your Energy


  • Create sets of internet browser tabs that are all related to a function.
  • Once created, click on a function and all those internet browser tabs open.
  • Only have the tabs you need open for the specific project you’re working on.
  • Works with Google Chrome.


Habit Tracking (App)

  • Visually lay out what you’re spending time on
  • Can help achieve goals
  • Makes getting into a routine easier



Idea Generation


  • A canvas is a formatted series of questions that you fill in with your thoughts.
  • Filling out a canvas will allow you to think through and evaluate an idea.
  • Examples include:
    • Business model canvas
    • SWOT analysis
    • Pitch Planner



  • In Scoreboard, you record your ideas and rate them with Scoreboard’s questions.
  • Once all your ideas are rated, use the ratings to decide what ideas are the best use of your time, resources, and energy.


Mind Meister

  • Create “mind maps” to brainstorm in a non-linear format.


Task Manager Apps



  • Setup one time and recurring tasks.
  • Add a task to your to-do list, set a reminder, and forget about it. Todoist will remind you.
  • Tasks can be organized into projects or assigned to other people with the Todoist app.



  • Works on all devices
  • Clean, minimal interface
  • The app is a task manager, calendar, and reminder app packed into one.
  • Tasks can be put into lists, shared, and assigned to other people with the app.


Microsoft To-Do

  • Good news: Microsoft To-Do is still currently free.
  • Made by the people who made Wunderlist.
  • Clean, minimal-looking interface.
  • Create lists and get reminders.



Task Automation


  • Requires authorizing Zapier with all apps you would like to automate tasks for.
  • Works with over 1000 different apps.
  • Zapier gets apps to work together in ways they usually would not.
  • For example: Copy attachments from your emails into Dropbox.



  • Stands for “If That Then This”.
  • Works almost exactly like Zapier
  • Requires authorizing IFTTT with all apps you would like to automate tasks for.
  • Focuses on getting devices that don’t normally work together to get along.
  • Calls each automation a “recipe”
  • Example recipe: “Hey Google, use IFTTT to find my phone”
  • This tells Google Home to call your phone.


Website Tools


  • Creates forms online that work well with other sites on all devices.
  • Premium version of Wufoo allows attachments to forms and can accept payment.


  • Monitor the performance of up to 50 website URLs for free
  • Get alerts when a URL is down.


Free Software

And Co

  • Free business software for Freelancers
  • Includes template proposals, time tracking, invoicing, and more.
  • Works with other apps
  • Use And Co’s templates to worry less about logistics and get paid faster.


Microsoft Office Apps

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, have free versions that are available on smartphones and tablets smaller than 10 inches.
  • A Microsoft 365 subscription is not required, but will unlock features beyond basic word/spreadsheet/presentation creation.
  • Logging in with a One Drive account can allow you to sync documents across devices.


Google Drive

  • Similar to Microsoft, Google has its own suite of office software that is connected and stored in the cloud.
  • Google Docs = Microsoft Word
  • Google Sheets = Microsoft Excel
  • Google Slides = Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Forms à creates online web forms that can be filled out. Answers appear in a Google Sheet with the same name as the form in the form creator’s Google Drive
  • Google Drawings à great for making flow charts



Project Management


  • Best for planning a project of some kind
  • Can work well for individuals or small teams.
  • Step one: Make lists
  • Each item in a list is a card where more information can be added. People can comment on cards, too.
  • Move a card from list to list to track the progress of a task. 


Meister Task

  • Works with Mindmeister, built for use in team environments.
  • Somewhat similar format to Trello, completely different look and extra bells and whistles.
  • Includes to do lists for various work projects, notifications from others also working on those projects, and your own to-do list.
  • Includes project members, roles, and access.



  • Similar to Trello / Meister Task in that the primary format of Asana is boards with lists, with items that can move from list to list to track their projects
  • Built for use in team environments
  • Includes a section for each team member of tasks that are assigned to them.




  • Slack is a place for teams to chat instead of sending each other a series of emails.
  • Can be used by a group of friends, a volunteer organization, or a workplace.