TeenGo Bingo

TeenGo Bingo Winter Reading Challenge

Bingo Card 1

Bingo Card 1

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Bingo Card 3

TeenGo Bingo Card 3

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Bingo Card 2

TeenGo Bingo Card 2

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Bingo Card 4

TeenGo Bingo Card 4

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Pick one of the four BINGO cards on this page to print. The challenges are all the same, the order of the squares is not.

Record every title read this winter and every library program attended to get raffle cards towards either a Nintendo Switch or a year's Book of the Month club subscriptions (12 hardcover books!) from Lake Forest Book Store. 

You can use 1 book for multiple squares, but getting BINGO will take more than 1 book. (So, 1 book that knocks out 2 or even 3 squares in a row is okay, all 5 squares can't just be the same title!)

BINGO winners will turn in their sheet at the Children's Circulation Desk to get their pick of a paperback book or a $5 gift card.