Cards for Kids

We hope a new Lake Forest Library card makes you happy, whether you smile on the outside like Bisma and Izzi or on the inside like Zoya. They grace the cover of this quarter’s newsletter and highlight one of the most momentous things you can do for the young children in your care: get them their own library cards.

Children with their own library card take ownership of their library experience and benefit from seeing the library as a source of materials and activities, a school support, and a safe place.

Perhaps most importantly, a child with a library card has access to everything they need to become a good reader, according to Donalyn Miller, author of “The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child.”

  • Access to books: Children can borrow as many books as they like to explore a variety of interests and ability levels.
  • Time to read books: The Children’s Library has seating and nooks for reading alone or together.
  • Choice in selecting books: Board books, picture books, graphic novels, Playaways, Wonderbooks ... the choices are endless!
  • Someone to talk to about books: Talking with librarians is practice in conversation skills and reveals how librarians can help.

Need more reasons to get a library card? Stop by the Children’s Library and see for yourself!