3D Printing

Hobbyists like you can explore "additive manufacturing technology" and develop your computer-aided design (CAD) skills by submitting up to two files per month to the Lake Forest Library 3D Printing service! For help getting started, refer to the Design Resources section or send a message to the Media Lab.

Know Before You Submit

  • Lake Forest Library cardholders may request up to two 3D Prints per month. There are no fees for 3D Printing.
  • Files should be in STL or OBJ format.
  • Designs are printed using a single color of PLA plastic filament. You choose from our list of available filament colors.
  • 3D Print designs must be smaller than 250×210×210 millimeters (9.84×8.3×8.3 inches) and cannot take more than 4 hours to print.
  • We will contact you when your 3D Print is ready to be picked up, typically in 7–10 business days.
  • Patrons are responsible for clearing their own rafts and support pieces. Rafts and support pieces are plastic temporary structures that the printer automatically adds as needed. These pieces typically peel off easily, but it can take time to remove them, and you can potentially damage your print if you are not careful.
  • Lake Forest Library cannot guarantee product quality, patron satisfaction, equipment availability or stability, confidentiality of design or specific delivery times.
  • Lake Forest Library is not responsible for design or printing failures, although we will do our best to assist in completing successful 3D Prints.
  • Lake Forest Library reserves the right to refuse a 3D Print request.
  • To send us your request, please complete the "Submit a 3D Print" webform. If you have any questions, please send a message to the Media Lab.