Tho. Wyatt Knight

Tho. Wyatt Knight
12" x 15.5", unframed
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Francesco Bartolozzi from the original drawing by Hans Holbein
Art Description:

This is a portrait of Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503–1542), a poet and diplomat in the court of Henry VIII. Wyatt (sometimes spelled Wyatt) studied at St. John's, Oxford. He was knighted in 1537 and is best known for having introduced the Italian sonnet and terza rima verse form and the French rondeau into English literature.

The original version of this portrait was done by Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8–1543) in chalk, pen, and ink. This copy is by Francesco Bartolozzi (1727–1815), an Italian engraver who was born in Florence and began his career in Rome. He moved to London in 1764 and was soon appointed Engraver to King George III. After almost 40 years in London, Bartolozzi accepted the post of director of the National Academy of Lisbon in 1802.