1000 Books Before Kindergarten

About 1000 Books Before Kindergarten

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Set sail for the reading high seas!

Embark on a program designed to grow a reader. You can start any time before kindergarten.

From birth to age 5, your child is experiencing a crucial time of growth and development. Reading with them every day helps prepare them for future success as readers and life‑long learners. Not to mention you’ll be spending quality time together while promoting a love of reading.

Along the way, your librarians are here to support you and cheer you on. Built into the program are reading logs, book recommendations, child development information, prizes, and celebrations, all to help you track your progress and stay motivated. We can’t wait to set sail with you. Anchors aweigh!

Reading 1000 books seems like a big task! However, if you break it down and read one book a day, that's 365 books in one year, 730 books in two years, and 1095 books in just 3 years.

Thank you to the Friends of Lake Forest Library for support of reading programs including 1000 Books Before Kindergarten!

Two Ways to Participate

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We're happy to offer two ways to participate in 1000 Books Before Kindergarten:

  1. Online and with an app using READsquared
  2. Old school with paper log sheets

Both formats have the same milestones and prizes, so you can pick your preferred way to log books and track your progress. You can even use both! Caregivers may like the app because they can track book titles, whereas youngsters often benefit from the tactile experience of coloring in circles on the paper log sheets.

Step 1 for All Participants

Register for 1000 Books

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Optional: Download Materials

Download the entire 1000 Books PACKET

Includes log sheets and reading lists

Download just the READING LOG SHEETS

You can 3-hole punch them and keep them in a binder

Getting Started

On Paper

  1. Complete the registration form on this page.
  2. After you have registered your child, you can pick up a tote bag from the Children's Library that contains reading log sheets and additional information about program.
  3. While you're at the Library, you might want to check out some books and load them in your new tote bag to kick off your reading adventure!

With READsquared

  1. Complete the registration form on this page.
  2. Enroll in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten on READsquared by visiting lakeforestlibrary.org/readsquared or download the READsquared app.
  3. For help using READsquared, visit lakeforestlibrary.org/howto/readsquared.
  4. Once you have signed up on READsquared, you can start logging your books!
  5. At your convenience, be sure to visit the Children's Library to pick up your tote bag, which contains additional information about the program.

Logging Books

On Paper

  1. Color in a bubble on your log sheet for every book you and your child have read. Each log sheet contains 100 bubbles, representing one level of the program.
  2. Each time your child finishes reading 100 books and one of their log sheets is completely colored in, stop by or contact the Children's Library for information on prizes.
  3. Reading logs sheets for all 10 levels are included in the tote you picked up when you began the program. If you need to replace any of your sheets, replacements are available in the Children's Library or can be downloaded using the links in the earlier section on this page.

With READsquared

  1. Go to lakeforestlibrary.readsquared.com or open the READsquared app.
  2. Tap "Log Reading," enter the Title of your book, and if you'd like add the Author and a Book Review, then tap Submit.

Reaching Milestones

Milestones and prizes are the same whether you log on paper or with READsquared.

  1. Each time your child finishes one level of the program by reading 100 books, stop by the Children's Library for a sticker and photo shoot. (Total of 10 stickers and 10 photo shoots.) If you're logging on READsquared, you also get a digital badge for each 100 books you read.
  2. When your child has reached the milestones of 300 books and 700 books, they can pick up a small prize in the Children's Library.
  3. When your child has completed 1000 books before kindergarten, they will receive a certificate of completion, a book of their choice, and an invitation to a graduation party!

Blog, FAQs, & Events

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1000 Books Blog

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The Mission of the 1000 Books Foundation

"Numerous studies estimate that as many as one in five children have difficulties learning to read.  Reading has been associated as an early indicator of academic success. Public formal education does not typically start until ages 5–6. Before then, parents and caregivers are the first educatio...

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Absolutely. All the books read during library storytimes and programs count towards your goal of 1,000 books.

Yes! Re-reading books is not only accepted but encouraged, and each time you re-read a book with your child, you can log it on your paper logs or in READsquared.

You can start this program at any time before your child reaches Kindergarten.

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