Turn On Your Reading History

Your Reading History is Private by Default

To protect your privacy, Lake Forest Library does not automatically save your reading history.

But you can turn on this feature, and the items you borrow will be saved from that point forward.

Your Librarians are happy to help as needed. If you prefer, we can also suggest other apps for keeping track of your reading history.

Steps to turn on your Reading History

  1. Log in to your library account. Your password, unless you changed it, is either the last 4 digits of your phone number or the word PATRON in all caps.
  2. Select "My Record."
  3. Select "Contact Information and Preferences."
  4. In the Preferences section, check the box next to "Maintain reading history."
  5. Be sure to select "Submit Change Request."
  6. To view your Reading History, log in and select "My Account" and then "Reading History."