Lake Forest Library

Lake Forest Library drawing by Alice Moulton
1982 Silkscreen print by Proto Impressions of Chicago. (Original drawing is Pen and Ink)
10 1/8" x 12 5/8"
Date Installed:
February 2016
Art Located at:
In Honor of:
Syd Mellinger for twenty years of library service (1968–1988)
Gifted by:
Syd Mellinger, Library Director (1968–1988)
Commissioned by:
Midwest Bank, Lake Forest
Alice Moulton (1952–present)
Art Description:

This piece is one of four drawings of Lake Forest landmark buildings, turned into a limited edition series of 200 sets. The other buildings in the edition were the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, the Durand Art Institute, and the Gorton Community Center. The originals are assumed to be with Midwest Bank.

"In January 1988, Library Board member, Linda Biondi, asked if I had an extra print of the Library. I gave her this one. The board gave it to Syd Mellinger as a farewell gift." –Alice Moulton