Summer Reading Colors Your World Bingo

June 1–August 31, 2021

Join your family, friends, and neighbors to discover all the ways that Reading Colors Your World. Complete a variety of bingo challenges designed to get you out of your "reading comfort zone." Experience colorful vistas, faces, ideas, flavors, cultures, lifestyles, and viewpoints along the way!

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Did you know ... ?

Daily reading is brain exercise! Summer reading is critical to a child's and teen's ability to retain information learned the previous year, as well as grow in knowledge and critical thinking skills for the upcoming year. Summer reading is great for adults, too! Reading reveals new ideas and possibilities, improves writing and speech, and enhances professional skills. Plus, when children and teens see adults read, they are more likely to want to read themselves.

Get Started on Paper (optional)

  1. Pick up a bingo board from the Library.
    Download and print a bingo board below.
  2. As you complete lines, use the paper log for your convenience, but then register or log in to READsquared and fill out the online bingo board and use the online Prize Store to redeem your book prize.

How to use READsquared

Participate Online

  1. Download the READsquared app.
  2. Once in READsquared, register to create your account if you’re a new user, otherwise log in to your existing account.
  3. Enroll in the program that matches your age group.
  4. Tap "Log Reading" to view your bingo board of challenges. Read or listen to books, attend library events, and more!
  5. When you've completed a challenge, tap the matching bingo square and follow the instructions to check it off. Complete lines, win a book prize, and be entered in the grand prize drawing.


Complete one line

Whether your line is up, down, or diagonal, you win a book prize and an entry into the grand prize drawing.

Complete more lines

For every additional bingo line you complete, you earn another entry into the grand prize drawing for your age group.