Fall Refresh Part 1 of 2: Celebrating the Foyer

Over the past year and a half your Library staff has adjusted services and spaces many times to continue to provide the community with the highest quality library services and resources. This fall, we're happy to be giving our beautiful Foyer some care and attention!

As the first space you experience when entering the Library, the Foyer sets the tone for your entire visit to the Library. The space was designed to be calming, welcoming, and inspiring. Clad in marble with sky-high ceilings and an original chandelier, we are celebrating its beauty by:

  • moving unnecessary furniture and services into other appropriate spaces,
  • highlighting artwork,
  • patching walls and touching up paint, and
  • providing tables and chairs for you to catch up with your neighbor or to relax and read while waiting for family members.

Be on the lookout for these updates:

  • Holds are now located near the Reference Desk. At this time, they will continue to be ready to go and already checked out to you.
  • Graphic Novels are now located in the Fiction Annex with Mystery, Sci-Fi, and Romance.
  • Back by popular demand, enjoy the exhibit in the Foyer about the Rotunda murals and the artist, Nicolai Remisoff.

Thank you all for caring about the Library as much as we do! Stay tuned for more information in Part 2, as we wrap up the Fall Refresh.

And thank you to the visitor who appreciated the hospitality of the Library staff and sent us the stunning flowers shown in the photo. Visit the Foyer to enjoy them as well!