Welcome to the Biblio Spa

Even former Library Board trustees can be unexpectedly delighted by a trip to the Library! Ron served on the Library Board from 2014 to 2020. During meetings, he kept hearing the term concierge service. He admits now, “I wasn’t really sure what that meant.”

That changed when Ron popped into the Library shortly after it opened one day recently.

“My wife Connie had placed a hold on a book around 8:30 am, but I thought I could get the book from the shelves before it was pulled by staff. When I went to look, the book wasn’t there. I mentioned it at the Circulation Desk, and a nice employee went to look for me. She came back and said that the book indeed seemed to be gone.

“I then walked to the Reference Desk and told the librarian that I’d heard on NPR 30 minutes earlier that some author (I couldn’t remember the name) had won the Nobel Prize in Literature. I asked the librarian if she could search and get one of the author’s books for me through interlibrary loan. She needed first to find his name, which she did almost instantly, and then she informed me that Lake Forest Library actually had one of his novels.

“‘Would you like me to go get it for you?’

“‘Uh ... sure,’ I replied. It seemed before I could finish my response, she was back with the book!

“As I was about to walk out, the employee at the Circulation Desk came after me and called, 'I went back to check again. Here is the book for your wife.'

“So I ended up leaving with everything I wanted.

“Now I know what concierge service means. It was like being in a biblio-spa. As always, thanks to the librarians and staff for a GREAT library.”