Celebrating New Library Card Holders

We’re showcasing something special on the cover of each issue of the newsletter this year: first-time Lake Forest Library card holders!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Lake Forest Library table during the December 2021 West Train Station Saturday Market and chatted with us, completed a survey, played plinko, won prizes, and signed up for a library card. Officer Miniscalco, who is featured on the cover, was one of our visitors!

“I had been hoping to get a library card for sometime, however I was working the midnight shift and my schedule never really aligned with the open hours of the Library. I saw the Library table at the Saturday Market and realized this might be the perfect time to ask! I also sort of expected Library Director Catherine to make my library card appear out of thin air like Mr. Dewey in "The Pagemaster," and despite it appearing through much more mundane methods, it was no less special.

I plan to use my new Lake Forest Library card to borrow audiobooks. I used to read quite frequently, but due to my work schedule and life in general, I no longer really have the time to sit down and read a book. Audiobooks are how I get my fix. As far as libraries go, I am a huge fan. My mom has been an avid reader for her entire life and it was something she instilled in me at a young age. We would take trips to our local library growing up, but it wasn’t until junior high that I realized how awesome it was having access to a large library. I thought I was just reading books for fun, until I grew up and realized how important reading—and all of the various skills it teaches—is in your daily life!”

It’s never too late to get a library card. You are eligible for a Lake Forest Library card if you are a:

  • Lake Forest resident,
  • City of Lake Forest employee, (like Officer Miniscalco),
  • Lake Forest College student,
  • Caregiver or nanny of a Lake Forest family, or
  • an owner of a Lake Forest business.

If you are a Lake Forest resident, City employee, or Lake Forest College student, you can kick-start the process and get fast access to digital materials including eBooks and streaming movies by completing the form at www.lakeforestlibrary.org/card.

We think getting a library card is the perfect family outing, but as library staff, we may be biased! Pictured are Kevin and Jessica Corcoran who signed up for Lake Forest Library cards during the Saturday Market to use with their children Callahan, Clare, and Cassie.