Seven books to a Better Game of Golf

In 2019, the United States had the most golf courses per capita than any other country in the world. Benefits to playing include reduced stress and anxiety, fresh air, physical fitness, and socialization.

Learn about the 2020 golf boom via Forbes or check out the GQ article “why all your friends started playing golf”. Three local golf courses in Lake Forest include Deerpath Golf Course, Knollwood Club, and Conway Farms Golf Club. Find books on golfing, golfers, golfing stories, and golfing instruction for adults at the Lake Forest Library on the top floor at 796.352 just behind the library catalog computer monitor station and in the Children’s Library.

Read on below for seven books about how to up your golf game, learn a few new tricks, get a handle on the basic mechanics, speak, and move like a golfer.

Today’s picks

Golf School by Jim McLean – Join top golf coach Jim McLean in this “tuition free” golf school written course. Chapters include the full swing, the short game, scoring, the mental game, the power school, and on conducting your own golf school for others.

Golf Magazine’s Play Like a Pro – elevate your game with expert lessons on essential moves from Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Luke Donald, and more. Uses step-by-step photo instruction from Golf Magazine.

Golf Rules Explained by Steve Newell – read through this short title in an hour or two to gain an understanding of how golf games work and the lingo you need to know to talk like a golfer.

The Golf Instruction Manual by Steve Newell – find introductory instructions on holding a golf club, aiming, swinging, practicing, and using basic techniques.

Golf is a game of confidence by Dr. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen – use this motivational title to learn how to “play with your eyes”, own your mental game, and use the stories of pro golfers’ competitive challenges next time you step onto the course.

The Golf of your dreams by Dr. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen – discover why your golf game might not have improved and how to go about attaining the golf skills you crave.

What’s a Golfer to do? by Ron Kaspriske and the editors of Golf Digest – Find 343 tips in this tabbed and color-coded flip book of golf instruction. Cure a slice, check your grip, coax a putt downhill, repair a pitch mark, and more.