Support the Library Endowment

Lake Forest Library was built on philanthropy. Mrs. Charles H. Schweppe and Mrs. Stanley Keith provided the funding for the construction of the 1931 building, which commemorates Mrs. Keith’s first husband, Kersey Coates Reed. The Reed Family has continued to give throughout the years, ensuring the building evolved alongside the Library’s evolving collections, services, and programs.

In 2021, the Lake Forest Library Foundation created a permanent endowment to sustain and extend this bold tradition of philanthropy.

Endowment gifts are invested and the principal is kept intact, which creates many positive outcomes for the Library and Lake Foresters:

  • An endowment creates financial stability and independence.
  • Investment earnings generate a perpetual, self‑sustaining source of income; provide additional financial support and flexibility; and sustain existing philanthropic gifts.
  • Endowment gifts are a way for donors to leave a legacy that will endure well past their lifetime.

An endowment ensures that the Library thrives and is able to serve the community for generations to come. Thank you for considering a donation to the Library endowment during this season of giving! Donation cards and envelopes are available in the Library Foyer. Donations by credit card are accepted at

To learn more about the Lake Forest Library Foundation and opportunities to support the endowment, visit