Read the Winning Spooky Stories from the October Writing Contest!

Thank you to all the kids and teens who submitted spooky stories to our writing contest! It was a great way to celebrate the Halloween and Fall seasons.

In addition to a gift card to Lake Forest Book Store, winners of the Library's Spooky Story Writing Contest get their submissions posted on the Library website (see below). We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!

*Stories are published below exactly as they were submitted.


Up to Grade 4 Winner

"The Toilet Horror" by Heidi Cantalupo

Up to Grade 4 Runner Up

"Trapped in the House on the Rock" by Apollonia Jacobs

Grades 5–8 Winner

"The Maze of Mellegin" by Nicole Janowicz

Grades 5–8 Runner Up

"The Computer" by Susie Cantalupo