Kathy's Korner - New Children's Chapter Books in August

PETS RULE by Susan Tan.  A new series of easy chapter books starring a chihuahua who wants to rule the world, but is constantly being thwarted by other pets, such as adorable (?) kittens, poodles, and his clueless family of humans.  Black and white illustrations on every page. Gr 1-3. 

HAMRA AND THE JUNGLE OF MEMORIES by Hanna Alkaf.  When Hamra goes into the nearby jungle and steals a magical fruit from a tiger hoping to cure her grandmother, she must repay her debt to the tiger by going on an extraordinary journey with him to make him human again. An inventive and engaging tale that effortlessly combines the real and the magical.  Gr 3-7.  

PICTURE DAY by Sarah Sax.  Graphic novel about 7th grader Viv who is longing to burst out of her shell and become someone who is noticed.  She starts off by live streaming a dramatic haircut during her school picture and never looks back.  She wants to change things and be the center attraction.  But along the way, she is changing into someone her friends don’t even recognize.  Gr 4-7. 

HOW TO STAY INVISIBLE by Muggie Rudd.  Poignant story about 12 year old Raymond, who comes home from school one day to find his poor excuses for parents have left the trailer they were renting ...for good.  Raymond and his dog try to survive in the countryside rather than turn to the foster care system again.  Luckily he encounters some other loners, both human and animal, who help him and eventually decides to come forward.  Get the tissues ready.  Gr 4-7.   

WISHING SEASON by Anica Rissi.  Lily’s grief over her twin brother’s death is assuaged by her secret: she can still be with Anders in a special “overlap” place where they used to play. Is Anders really still earthbound, or is she being fooled by her own sorrow, much the way her mother believes everything a charlatan telephone psychic is saying about her connection to Anders.  Gr 4-8.  

BERNICE AND THE GEORGIAN BAY GOLD by Jessica Outram.  It's the summer of 1914, and 8 year old  Bernice lives with her family in a lighthouse on Georgian Bay (Lake Huron, Ontario). One day she finds a treasure map pointing to gold on a nearby island. Inspired by her beloved Mémèr’s stories of their Métis family’s adventures, Bernice sets out in a rowboat with the map and her dogs, determined to find the treasure. Gr 4-6.   

MIXED UP by Gordon Korman.  Two boys who don’t know each other and live miles apart discover they share an eerie bond which causes their memories to be transferred to the other.  Gr 4-7.  

OPINIONS AND OPOSSUMS  by Ann Braden.  Raised to keep her head down and not ask questions, when  Agnes befriends her older anthropologist neighbor, she begins to think--and write--about things from new perspectives.  Confirmation classes and her best friend Mo cause her to expand her mind. Good book for those who like sensitive, character driven stories.  Gr 4-8. 

THE WILD JOURNEY OF JUNIPER BERRY by Chad Morris & Shelly Brown.  Juniper Berry and her family have lived off the grid for as long as she can remember, but when her little brother becomes gravely ill, they return to the city and “society”, where Juniper is definitely a fish out of water.   Gr 4-8.    

PUPPY LOVE by Gary Soto.  Ordinary Jordan can’t seem to catch a break.  He flubs the game-winning basket in front of his new crush.  However, his fortune reverses when he rescues a puppy from the local canal and becomes a BMOC.  His newfound heroism only serves as the opening act in a bigger and perhaps more dangerous adventure.  Enjoyable story populated with likable, relatable characters.  Gr 5-8.   

THE PEACH REBELLION by Wendelin Van Draanen.  Ginny Rose and Peggy, girlhood friends, reunite shortly after WWII at the California peach orchard owned by Peggy’s family.  Issues of social class, feminism, and romance both divide and unite them.  Beautifully rendered historical fiction by a popular writer.  Gr 7+.