64.6" x 108"

Date Installed:


Art Located at:

In Memory of:

Kersey Coates Reed

Commissioned by:

Mrs. Stanley (Helen Shedd Reed) Keith and Mrs. Charles H. (Laura Shedd) Schweppe


Oskar J. W. Hansen (1892–1971)

Artist Biography:

The Norwegian artist came to the U.S. in 1910 and was educated at the divinity school at Northwestern University. As a seaman, he traveled around the world five times. He served in the Army during World War II. After the war, he sculpted bronze busts and a winged figure for Rand Tower in Minneapolis; he also contributed artwork for the Boulder Dam. According to Robert A. Sideman, Hansen worked with major architects such as Holabird & Root. In later life, he lived at Pantops, formerly part of the property at Monticello.

Art Description:

The archer's face is a likeness of Mr. Reed. Originally, the archer held an open book, but this was replaced with a bow. The inscription reads: "In memory of Kersey Coates Reed, eighteen hundred and eighty—nineteen hundred and twenty-nine—who was much loved in Lake Forest—where he lived—and who cared greatly for good books—this building has been erected."