Flora and Fauna of Illinois


Thread, Needles


9' x 6'

Date Installed:


Art Located at:

Gifted by:

Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Needlepeople

Commissioned by:

Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Needlepeople


Designed by Lydia Lee; assisted by Kathleen McLaulin Ballen; stitched by Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Needlepeople

Art Description:

The botanically accurate tapestry, featuring local flora and fauna, took three years to complete, and reflected the work of over 50 women.


  • Mrs. Robert Abbott
  • Mrs. Imogene Bittenbender
  • Mrs. Christine Boudrie
  • Mrs. A. C. Boughton
  • Mrs. Calvine C. Bowen
  • Mrs. Esther Bowen
  • Mrs. Gay Buck
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter
  • Miss Nora Chandler
  • Mrs. Betsy Clow
  • Mrs. Merrilee Crain
  • Mrs. Judy Danneberg
  • Mrs. Polly Davis
  • Mrs. Betsy Farwell
  • Mrs. D. Feemster
  • Mrs. Mary Anne Fowler
  • Mrs. Judith Ann Friedes
  • Mrs. Mimi Gillespie
  • Mrs. Helen Graham
  • Mrs. Barbara Lamm
  • Mrs. Betty Lang
  • Mrs. Monica Larsen
  • Mrs. J. H. Long
  • Mrs. Christine Haight
  • Mrs. Mary Ann "Bondy" Hodgkins
  • Mrs. Marion Hodgkins
  • Mrs. Sally Ann Isham
  • Mrs. Barbara MacFarlane
  • Mrs. Marian McIllvaine
  • Mrs. Phyllis Metcalf
  • Mrs. Amelia Musser
  • Mrs. Judy Noble
  • Mrs. Frances Read
  • Mrs. Phyllis Robbins
  • Mrs. Rosemary Rose
  • Mrs. Jacqueline "Jackie" Smith
  • Mrs. Pat Stauber
  • Mrs. Joanne Stevenson
  • Mrs. Susan Strachan
  • Mrs. Carole Stroh
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Teich
  • Mrs. Isabel Thomson
  • Mrs. Martha Virden
  • Mrs. Josephine "Jo" Walker
  • Mrs. Scott Washburne
  • Mrs. Millie Way
  • Mrs. Kathryn White
  • Mrs. Grant Willey
  • Mrs. Sarah Wimmer