Tough Topics

Some topics can be hard to talk about. If you are not comfortable asking for help, you can browse the Library shelves on your own using the catalog or the call numbers listed by topic on this page and on bookmarks at the Library.

If you are comfortable asking for help, your Librarians are available to point you to books and resources. You can check out books from any section of the Library, no matter your age. We have self-checkouts for your convenience and privacy. Your checkout records are private and will not be shared.

Also shared on this page are links to local and national support organizations. You are not alone, and we hope you are able to find the answers and support you need.


Quick Help

For general emergency services:

Call 911

For an expert who can help you find resources on housing, food, transportation, mental health, addiction, family support, crisis help, and more:

Call 211 or text your zip code to 898211

211 Lake County is managed by United Way of Lake County and connects you with the help you need. This confidential service is available 24/7, with translation services for more than 150 languages.


Browse Books & Resources on Your Own


Abandonment, Adoption, & Foster Care


Abusive Relationships



Call Number

Alcoholism: 362.292 & 616.861


Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Health

Call Number

General Anxiety: 152.46

Panic and Anxiety Disorders: 616.8522

Depression: 616.8527

General Mental Illness: 616.89


Death, Grief, Assisted Suicide, & Hospice

Call Number

Grief: 155.937

Assisted Suicide: 179.7

Hospice: 362.17

National Resource(s)

Hospice Foundation of America



Call Number

Marital Counseling: 306.81

Divorce: 306.89


Drugs & Addiction

Call Number

Drugs and Addiction: 362.29

Local Resource(s)

Behavioral Health Services


Eating Disorders




Financial Challenges

Call Number

General Financial Planning: 332.024

Credit and Credit Repair: 332.743

Estate Planning and Bankruptcy: 346.052 & 346.07

Local Resource(s)

Shields Township Assistance


Food Insecurity

Call Number

Food Insecurity: 363.8


Gun Violence

Call Number

Gun Violence: 371.782

National Resource(s)

NCTSN Child Trauma Resources


Housing Insecurity


LGBTQ+ Topics

Call Number

General LGBTQ+ Topics: 306.76

Same-Sex Marriage: 306.848



Call Number

Miscarriage: 618.392




Sexual Assault



Call Number

Suicide: 362.28

Local Resource(s)

Crisis Care Program

National Resource(s)

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline


Veterans Resources

Call Number

Veterans Resources: 355.115 & 362.86

National Resource(s)

Veterans Crisis Line