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Locked Room Mysteries

Locked-Room Mysteries

Locked-room mysteries are part of the classic "whodunit and how" stories made popular by authors such as Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr. You might also think of the 2019 movie, "Knives Out." In a locked-room mystery, a crime has been committed, but the perpetrator could not have gotten in or ...

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Celebrating Earth Month with a beige background and the Earth rising up from the bottom of the image

Celebrating Earth Month all April!

The City of Lake Forest, Parks & Recreation, Lake Forest Library, Elawa Farm, Green Minds, Lake Forest Open Lands, and Gorton Community Center are partnering this April to celebrate Earth Day with a month of eco‑friendly activities. The theme this year is "Act for Earth." Join us in Market Sq...

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Book Covers

Collection Connection: Family Read Aloud Chapter Books

February 2 was Read Aloud Day, inaugurated by Scholastic Books about a decade ago. But why limit it to one day? Reading aloud either to or with your children is a wonderfully intimate experience for all. Reading with your children doesn’t have to end when the children can read independently. We get requests for longer books, especially fiction, that families can share. Here are some favorites.

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New Children's Nonfiction Book Covers

Michelle's Real Reads

Stop by the Children's Library and check out some new nonfiction books!   EJ Nonfiction  Just a Thought by Jason Gruhl, illustrated by Ignasi Font  Through playful rhyming text and vivid, fun illustrations, Just a Thought introduces kids 4-8 to the way our lives are shaped...

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Friends of the Lake Forest Library Scholarships now available 2022

2022 Friends Scholarship applications are now available

Each spring, the Friends award $2,000 scholarships to up to three graduating high school seniors who demonstrate a passion for reading. Students from Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood are eligible to apply. The Friends of Lake Forest Library inaugurated this scholarship in 2003 to recognize stu...

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Blind Date with a Book image

(Past program) Blind Date with a Book 2022

You Can't Judge these Books by their Covers! As Valentine's Day approaches, come in and check out a Blind Date book or audiobook. They’re wrapped up tight with the briefest of blurbs on the outside and a special bookmark on the inside. Complete the bookmark and submit it for a chance to win a gif...

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guides to retirement

Guides to Retirement at Lake Forest Library

Saving for retirement is a lifelong process. The Lake Forest Library is here to help with all your lifelong learning goals, including personal finance and preparing for retirement. Read on for six book recommendations and three upcoming events at the library that may be of use to your retirement planning journey in 2022.

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Coding Classes blog image

Coding Classes: A launchpad to discovery

"Today our girl scout troop enjoyed 1½ hour coding session in the children’s library meeting room. The librarians were super helpful—Mrs. Kathy and Miss Michelle were knowledgeable and engaging. We earned an important badge and look forward to coming back soon! Thank you for having us!"
–Susan, L...

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