Digitizing Photos

"Digitizing Photos "

by Richard Gray

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In 1965–66, I served as artillery officer in Vietnam with the 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). At the time the Airmobile concept was unproven but it turned out to be very successful. I was able to take a large amount of photos (mostly 35mm slides) under operational conditions and some in combat. However, these slides are now 50 years old and starting to deteriorate badly. They are very special to me and cannot be replaced. I looked into having them digitized on a DVD, but that was going to be a lengthy and costly process and the DVD's being fragile and not a permanent solution.

Then I read about the Media Lab in the Lake Forester and my problem was solved. The staff showed how to scan my photos, edit and correct the damaged photos and store them in the cloud where they are now stabilized and permanently secure. The best part of all this was it didn't cost me anything and I made some new friends in the process. Also, I was able to tackle this huge project in digestible chunks of time.

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